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Data-driven processanalytics for healthcare

How It Works


Collect & 
Structure Data

Ingest event logs from source systems (such as EHRs, RCM systems, LIMS, and more) and collect desktop-level tasks to capture a comprehensive view of every step of every transaction.


Analyze &
Learn Workflows

Construct & analyze process flows, variants, and root causes of inefficiency and missed opportunity with machine learning models powered by the normalized data.


Identify & Implement Corrective Action

Pinpoint the most costly or impactful gaps with intuitive analysis tools, and use Seam to design & implement a corrective plan of action.


Seam empowers healthcare to find and correct excessive cost and lost revenue in a scalable, data-driven way.

Gather Every Thread of the Process

Discover all of the unique paths every instance of a process followed from start to finish, yielding a comprehensive and exhaustive picture of the process rather than a single, generic process flow diagram.

Rapidly Sew it Together

Digitally construct the workflows using existing data without spending hours in interviews and time & motion studies, generating insights and answers in days or weeks instead of months or quarters.

Examine & Alter the Patterns

Pinpoint root causes down to the individual transaction, providing actionable context to diagnose issues and improve your most important KPIs.


Identify and sew up the gaping holes of wasted time, cost, and opportunity throughout healthcare to deliver higher quality and more efficient care to patients.


Collaborate With Us

We’re working with visionary early adopters who want to shape the future of Seam and help inform the roadmap of data-drive optimization in healthcare.  Please contact us if you’re interested in becoming a partner in our Early Adopter Program, or simply learning more about Seam.


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